Market Place/Bedford Street:

Loch Fyne fish restaurant 290877

Flootes Delicatessen & Champagne Bar 290042 

Woburn Old Ale House,  bar 290142

The Black Horse bar & restaurant 290210

Woburn Brasserie restaurant 290896

Longs Inn bar & restaurant 290219

The Bell Inn bar & restaurant 290280

Woburn Coffee House restaurant (By Reservation) 290050

Leighton Street

Woburn Thai restaurant 290033

George Street

The Woburn Hotel: Olivier’s restaurant 290441

Fratelli, Italian restaurant: 290105

Near Woburn:

Paris House, London Road – exclusive restaurant I mi le out of village, 290692, MK l 7 9HL

The Birch, Newport Road – restaurant & bar ¼ mi le out of village 290295, MK17 9HX

The Fly ng Fox – bar/rest near AS, 2 miles from Woburn, open all day 290444, MK I 7 9HD

The George, Little Brickhill, bar/rest with garden, 3 mi les from Woburn 261298, M K l7 9NB