MODERN  LOCATION                                   NAME                                                 ALSO KNOWN AS ______


17 & 18 Market Place                           The Plough & The Wheatsheaf                                                              ___

Back Lane                                            The Crooked Billet                                             The Queen’s  Head     ___

Next to 20 Market Place                        The Wheatsheaf                                                   The White Lion_________

Next to 21 Market Place                        The Tavern_____________________________________________________

21 Market Place                                   The White Hart                                                   The Nag’s Head_________

Leighton Street (The Green)                  The Coach & Horses

Between George Street                          The Windmill

& Duck Lane                                          The White Horse

                                                                The Swan                                                           The White Swan________

Chapel Street (Duck Lane)                    The White Bear                                                                                    ___

16 to 20 George Street                          The Cock                                                                                             ___

Next to 24 George Street                       The Sun_______________________________________________________

32 George Street                                   The White Hart Beer house________________________________________

40 George Street                                   Frattelli’s                                                          The Royal Oak _                                                                                                                                      The Red Cow__________

George Street (possibly now part           The Red Lion                                                  The Lion

of  The Woburn Hotel)                                                                                                    The Old Lion__________

1 to 3 George Street                              The Woburn Hotel                                           St George’s Hospice

                                                                                                                                      The Saint George

                                                                                                                                      The George

                                                                                                                                      The Bedford Arms

                                                                                                                                      The Inn at Woburn______

The Bedford Arms Yard                        The Tap                                                                                               ___

Park Street (rear of                               The Ram &

1 to 3 Market Place)                              The Rose & Crown______________________________________________

2 Park Street                                         The White Lion                                                  The Old Falcon

                                                                                                                                      The Green Man_________

4 to 7 Market Place                               The Old White Bear______________________________________________

11 Market Place                                   The Woburn Ale House                                                                        ___

1 Bedford Street                                   The Black Horse                                                                                   ___

2 to 4 Bedford Street                             The White Lion Inn                                                                  __________

5 to 7 Bedford Street                             The Dolphin Inn                                                                       __________

10 Bedford Street                                 The White Hart Inn                                                                   __________

13 to 15 Bedford Street                         The Goat (on The Bedford Arms) Inn                                                    ___

18 Bedford Street                                 Longs Hotel                                                        The Woolsack

                                                                                                                                         The Magpie(s)_________

21, 22,  34  & 35 Bedford Street            The Bell                                                                                               ___

Newport Road                                      The Birch                                                            The Birchmore Arms____

3 Leighton Street                                  The Greyhound                                                                                    ___

6 Leighton Street                                  The Shoulder of Mutton                                                                        ___

31 Leighton Street                                The White Horse Public House                                                              ___

Sheep Lane                                          The Red Cow Beer House                                                                     ___

Sheep Lane                                         The Fox and Hounds                                         The  Flying Fox__________  

The following have been listed in various documents pertaining to Woburn but their locations are not known:

The Blackbird Inn

The Black Lion (believed to have been somewhere near Market Place)

The Cross Keys

The Crown Beerhouse (possibly in Park Street)

The Golden Ball Inn

The Horseshoe Inn

The Kings Head

The Leather Bottle

The Robin Hood & Little John Alehouse

The Saracens Head

The Three Pots

The Wrestlers Inn